Caring for our products

PLA Vases

Hand wash only, not dishwasher safe. Be careful in hot environments. Anything over 60 ° C will cause softening and can result in deformation.

PLA is UV sensitive, long term direct sunlight can compromise the bioplastic by making it more brittle.


A new tufted rug will shed some fibers, that will stop over time with regular vacuuming gently vacuum and shake out regularly.

In case of spill, blot immediately with sponge or damp cloth.

Do not rub or scrub.

Do not expose to water or submerge in water, if damp let hang to dry.

If soap is necessary to remove stain, use one without dye and remove all residue.

For dry stains, use a knife or spoon to gently scrape it out.

Occasional tufts will fall out of the rug, do not be alarmed!

Do not pull yarn tufts out, trim with scissors.

If necessary a professional carpet cleaner who specializes in tufted carpets is recommended.

Rugs Process


Typically we play with line / pattern in procedural / generative programs, often using sound or simulations to develop our designs. We’re keen to create an interesting narative to each rug. We don’t shy from colour but are intentional about our application. 


100% wool yarn spun & dyed in Montreal, Quebec.
All wool sourced from the UK & NZ / Partner of the Campaign for Wool.

100% wool sourced from the UK and NZ and dyed/spun in Montreal.

Wool has a high resistance to wear and crushing.

Excellent sound and thermal insulation properties.

Hygienic and easy to maintain.


Fire retardant.



Most rugs are made to order and can be custom in size or colour. Typically we don’t make the same one twice, but if it’s not a custom design we are willing to do discuss making it again (some are just too good to be made once). We are willing to work with you to design the perfect rug for your space. We do work within a Stooludio design language which uses procedural tools to create patterns. We work within a pallet that you specify and a token of inspiration that you provide (sound / image / memory / etc).

We want this piece to hold more meaning than purely aesthetics, however note that we take that token and abstract it. We will provide an initial series of designs that we feel inspired by and present them to you, then discuss a direction and present a final set of designs for you to choose from.

Rugs typically take 90 - 120 days depending on how many are on order, we will communicate accurate timelines once the design has been agreed upon.

Vases Process


We make use of procedural / generative design techniques in our work. This means we come up with a base form, and create a program that emulates the design within a given set of parameters. Some vases will be originals, some will be in editions - this will be written in  the description of the product page in our shop.

All vases sold in our shop have been tested to be watertight.


We try to source our material from Canadian suppliers whenever possible although not all colours are extruded here.

We also put an emphasis on traceable raw material, preferably from north american sources to reduce the footprint of shipping in our supply chain.

PLA or Polylactic Acid is a thermoplastic that is made from renewable source material, by fermenting the sugars from corn starch into lactic acid, which is then transformed into a type of polyester. This process requires 1/3 the energy to manufacture as traditional petroleum based plastics. Due to its origins it is easily recyclable or biodegradable in industrial composting conditions.

PLA as a material is non-toxic and commonly used in food safe applications, however due to the small ridges created in the printing process these vases are not food safe.


Our vases are all 3D printed here in Vancouver, Canada.

3D printing allows us to have an incredibly small amount of waste in the manufacturing process, using only the exact material required for the form.